Forensic Glass is the expert in performing glass fractography analysis for different sectors: Aerospace transparencies, Automotive, Building, etc,…

We have decades of experience performing analysis to determine the origin and root cause of glass breakages.

glass forensic breakage

Do you have breakage on glass aircraft windshields? glass bottle? Do you notice defects in your glass tubes? Do you have inclusions or foreign bodies in your articles? Surface deposits on your glass article? Breakage or defects at the end of the decor line? Breakage or defects on windshields, glass roofs or glazing of the building? You are an insurer or lawyer and you need to have the breakage of a glass article appraised? has a wide knowledge of the realities of professionals and the constraints of glass implementation. Our knowledge of the field makes us an expert in the glass world.

We intervene confidentially to analyze the situation, conduct the necessary investigation (like glass fractography) to understand the phenomena, determine the useful measures and controls, interpret the results and recommend solutions for improvement.